The Tech Summit 2015 Hackathon promotes the design, development and prototyping of civic and entrepreneur ideas.

We encourage all projects to consider government (at all levels), citizens and civic organizations as their user/market base. Whether civic or not, try to think about your project idea with a venture and entrepreneur mindset.

Feel free to use software, data or hardware to design, develop and implement your prototype.


In order to guarantee seats, internet service and lunch for all participants, registration for the Tech Summit 2015 Hackathon is managed via EventBrite.


Participants that do not register via EventBrite will not be able to participate.

Hackathon challenges, projects, teams, submissions and issues are managed via the event's Challenge Post page.

Projects, teams and submissions not managed via the Challenge Post page will not be able to present their demo and compete for any categories and prizes. That's the place where the Organizing Committee and the Evaluation and Judging Panels will be looking at your projects.

Remember, all submissions must comply with the event's Rules.

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Best Maker Hack

Best Innovative Hack

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How to enter

Hackathon Tracks

Projects and challenges are encouraged to be created with the following tracks and guidelines:

Data Hack
  • Includes projects based on data gathering, visualization or a creative use of an existing dataset.
  • The use of datasets from is encouraged but not enforced.
  • Existing open datasets from municipal, state or federal government is permitted if used in a context relevant to Puerto Rico.
  • Projects that provide mechanisms for gathering or collecting data that is not currently open will be considered under this category.
Maker Hack
  • Includes projects that integrate open hardware and/or 3D printing tools or technics.
  • The use of any open hardware platform is permitted.
  • Participants are allowed to bring their own hardware, boards, sensors and parts.
  • Design, schematics and source code for your application, hardware or 3D print must be pushed in the project's repository.
  • Projects must be original.
Innovative Hack
  • Includes any technology project that includes software, either web or mobile.
  • Participants are encouraged to give a business twist to their projects, but this is not required.
  • Projects that use open data, hardware or 3D printing, but are considered innovative enough by the Hackathon Evaluation Panel, may be considered under this category. Rules defined for the Data Hack and Maker Hack also apply to projects under the Innovative Hack.




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Judging Criteria

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